Not tire[d] of prayer

A deflated tire can inflate our need for prayer.

A deflated tire can inflate our need for prayer.


A dashboard light came on, indicating that one of my tires was low. I was twelve miles from home with another thirty-plus to Reno, where I would inspire and organize church folks to prayerwalk around three local public schools and two college campuses in just over an hour.

Feeling a little desperate, worried, and clueless about what to do in the middle of nowhere, I stopped and did what any woman might do — call my husband and play a little helpless, hoping he would offer to rescue me. He didn’t. But with his coaching, I headed back onto the highway and made it to our church.

As I prayed my way along the highway, I realized God had me right where he wanted me — desperately trusting him. However, because I absolutely knew that God wanted me at that prayerwalk event, I could also boldly and confidently pray that he would show up bigtime as we prayerwalked those schools that morning. He did!

Desperate confidence is my new approach to prayer. I desperately need God for every single moment of my day, but I can confidently, even audaciously ask him for the big things of life beyond my reach.

Try on some desperate confidence today. It seems a little oxymoronic, but I think it’s just how God wants to meet us.

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  • Thanks Janet! That’s right where I am at – in need of some desperate confidence!!! Desperate and confident in my God for my situation!!! Thanks!

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