Have you traveled Route 66?

On our trip to the national parks of the Southwest, we ventured off the freeway a few times to get a feel for the old U.S. Route 66.

We loved cruising along seeing the sights and getting a feel for what life was like more than a half decade ago.



We loved seeing the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona–complete with the vintage cars parked outside each of the wigwam rooms. It’s even cuter than the one in the movie Cars.







We also found a jewel of a museum in downtown Holbrook, complete with Route 66 displays and a whole former courthouse dedicated to local history.



Someday it would be fun to follow Route 66 across the country, from Santa Monica through California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri to Chicago, where it originated–perhaps a great girlfriend trip with someone who didn’t mind my last-minute “Hey, turn there!” directions.

Those thoughts made me wonder what kind of new route I am now on. I retired a year ago from teaching and have been enjoying writing several books this year–a mystery, a gift book, and now a nonfiction book. While I loved being a part of teenagers’ lives as an English teacher and counselor for 26 years, I am delighted that I’m pursuing writing full time.

Each day as I write, I have a sense that the Great Navigator of my life prompts me, “Hey, turn there!”–usually to ideas I had not considered before that I am incorporating in my books. It’s a thrilling journey opening up my laptop each day to see where we will go.

I pray that this part of your life’s journey is just as purposeful.

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