What’s your story?

One of those silly FB quizzes pitches, “What’s Your Scandinavian Name? Take this quiz…” blah, blah.

Well, I already know mine: Janet [Asp]holm. When I was three, my parents changed our last name to Holm. “Aspholm” means “island of trees,” and this weaving represents that name.

While that name looks Swedish, my dad’s family came from Finland. Apparently, the Swedes and the Finns migrated back and forth over centuries.

I also have the dance costume from the Finnish province from which the family came–so that should prove the Finn connection.

While it may be important to know something about your ancestry, I think it’s more important to have a healthy understanding of who you have been as a person…and where you still need to grow. For example, if you’ve been an angry person your whole life, it’s time to change. If you’ve lived under fear and what-ifs, it’s time to look Fear in the face. If you’ve been insecure about your natural giftings, just move forward with confidence.

Change in my life has happened because of systematically reading the Bible and spending more time in prayer.

Let me know if I can pray for you as you also seek change in your life.

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