Fill ‘er up

A few days ago I was driving north on U.S. 395 north of Reno on my way home to the Sierra Valley when I noticed a rainbow streak heading straight down from the clouds over White Lake near the Nevada-California border.

I stopped for this photo, as there is something else unusual going on in the area. Typically the alkalai White Lake is dry by now, but an abundance of snow and rain through the winter and spring have made it still completely full–despite the fact that we’ve had almost no rain for three months. The rest of the land is pretty parched, but the basin of White Lake is still full.

We can benefit from long seasons of refreshment. If we are daily pouring God’s Word into our souls and daily spending time in prayer, our spiritual reservoir will be filled to overflowing–just enough for the dry seasons of challenge.

I encourage you to get your daily fill . . . and if you’re running short on time, I’ve been posting Bible promises on a Pinterest page called One-a-Day Bible and on my Facebook page daily also:

Praying you find deep refreshment today!


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