Idiotic idioms

Now, how did this guy get WAY over here?

Whew! Fall is a lot of work in my back yard, which has many large trees with many, many leaves. One also has apples, and what a fruitful year it has been.

However, most of the apples are worm infested (anyone have a cure for that?), so most of them end up as deer (or skunk or bear) food over the back fence. I’ve spent many hours now picking up apples–hours that provide…wait for it…much food for thought.

Such as when I found this apple quite FAR from the tree — like a good twenty or more feet from the tree. So, whoever created this idiom is wrong, I decided: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Because this apple DID!

And that caused further thought about my four kids–whether or not they are like Craig and me. Not a lot, it seems.

No. 1 is SUPER outgoing, whereas Craig and I are introverted. The party starts when she walks into a room with her ever-present smile, infectious laugh, and optimistic spirit.

No. 2 is a master at scientific problem solving. The manager of a massive vegetable processing plant, he can re-engineer a massive piece of equipment to adapt it for his company’s mini-potato products. Where did that mind come from?

No. 3 is fascinated with other cultures, and he has visited many countries on four other continents. While Craig and I have seen a lot of the U.S., international travel is out of our comfort zone.

No. 4 has the patience of Job and the compassion of Mother Teresa. She loves on her students and reminds her more critically minded dad and me of other perspectives–nudging us to consider how we might live and love more generously.

They’re all good apples, our four children. So different from each other, yet living purposeful lives. I do wish they were a little closer to the tree, though. If they did, maybe they’d help me pick up those apples . . . and share a piece of pie.

Praying your fall is just lovely!

“…He encircled him, he cared for him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.” –Deut. 32:10 ESV


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