Listen up!

I attended a Prayer Summit at Lake Tahoe last weekend–a gathering of more than forty folks who simply wanted to get together for the purpose of praying.

I didn’t know a soul when I arrived, but I soon made friends. The first event was dinner–and who just happened to arrive early and all sit at the same table? The four Californians attending the event (the rest were from Nevada).

By the second day–with nonstop music and prayer and reading of scripture and testimonies–I was grateful that the last twenty minutes of the event were dedicated to listening prayer. However, the chatting continued behind me, so I felt compelled to go outside, stare at the lake, and wait for God’s word(s) to me.

                    Hard to beat this view!

I found a bench facing the lake and quieted my mind to wait for God. This was with much anticipation, because the last time I did such a thing in the Tahoe area, the event’s speaker had said, “Go outside, find a rock, sit on it, and wait for God to speak.” With much skepticism I did just that, and despite my doubt, God did speak: I want you to write for me.

But last weekend as I stared at the lake, I didn’t receive such direction–just a nudge to soak in this loveliness and praise the Creator who designed it.

While there was much from the conference to inspire me, the last twenty minutes staring at the variegated blues of the water were the best. It was a good reminder to pause and appreciate life around me, wherever I am.


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