Looking up

How did I end up teaching at this great little school?

Years ago I was at a career crisis and crossroads. I had been laid off from my teaching position due to budget cutbacks. I knew God had called me midlife to teach, but my great job was seemingly snatched away. Why?

Of course, I prayed . . . but all I was sensing was that I needed to wait and trust God. Oh, yes, send out the resumes and fill out the applications. But wait . . . and continue to pray, looking up for God to answer in a surprisingly wonderful way.

At the very end of that summer, I was offered a temporary position teaching English right in my small town — with just a 90-second commute, instead of the 25-mile commute I had been making. That position turned into a permanent one that allowed me to be readily available to my four children. If I had been under contract with my former school district, I would not have had the opportunity to apply for the position right in my own town.

The summer of prayer and waiting on God’s answers was one of the most productive summers of my life.

Jesus teaches us through his example that prayer is the best problem-solving strategy. He spent a night praying before choosing his disciples. He sought out time in prayer the hours before his trial. And he cried out to his Father from the cross.

That job-lost-job-found experience taught me to pray as a first response. Prayer allows us to go right to the Problem Solver for our needs, be they large or small. Prayer frees us up to allow God to work in and through us.

Worried about something today? Pray . . . and see what he does in your life.

I am very excited that The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus will be released by Bethany House Publishers June 5. The only comprehensive book on the prayer life of Jesus, it can be pre-ordered now: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Guide-Prayers-Jesus-Prayed/dp/0764230743/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515093917&sr=1-1&keywords=the+complete+guide+to+the+prayers+of+jesus


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