Puzzling over Valentine’s Day


I found this cute puzzle card for my mom last week. Even though she says she does NOT like heart decorations, I am hoping she will love it because she is a jigsaw puzzle nut.

It is a dilemma isn’t it–what to do for Valentine’s Day for others?  It’s seen as a day for sweethearts, but the holiday has spread way beyond that scope.



Here are some FREE ideas to share love with others, based on 1 Corinthians 13 . . . and please know, these ideas are for ME to work on, too!

  • “Love is patient . . . ”
    • Let someone else go in front of you at the checkout line.
    • Pray while you’re waiting for someone, instead of yelling “Hurry up!”
  • “Love is kind . . . ”
    • Share your takeout lunch with someone in need.
    • Hold a door open for someone.
  • “[Love] does not envy . . . ”
    • Celebrate with your friend when she loses weight.
    • Compliment your neighbor on his new car.
  • “[Love] does not boast . . . ”
    • Keep at lease some of your kids’ successes to yourself.
    • Be thankful and silent about your own achievement.
  • “[Love] is not self-seeking . . . ”
    • Let another couple be seated first in the restaurant.
    • Defer to your spouse’s preference in a purchase.
  • “[Love] is not easily angered . . . ”
    • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes.
    • Breathe, count to ten, and stay silent instead of reacting.
  • “[Love] keeps no record of wrongs . . . ”
    • Forgive someone who has offended you.
    • Send a “thinking of you” note with a few kind words to that person.
  • “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth . . . ”
    • Speak up for someone who has been mistreated.
    • Weigh your words and speak gracefully.
  • “It always protects . . . ”
    • Speak highly of your spouse.
    • Look out for your elders.
  • “[Love] always trusts . . . ”
    • Tell your spouse you trust him or her.
    • Believe the best about those close to you.
  • “[Love] always hopes . . . ”
    • Pray without ceasing for those you love.
    • Put those people in God’s care.
  • “[Love] always perseveres.”
    • Don’t give up on your loved ones.
    • Stay in touch with your family and friends.
  • “Love never fails.”
    • Love even when it hurts.
    • Give of your heart and resources generously.

Praying you are blessed this season with God’s favor and love!


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