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the Prayers of Jesus

The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus

This book is the only comprehensive guide to the prayer life of Jesus. While many Christians only know of the Lord’s Prayer, we learn in Janet’s book that prayer was essential to him and that he had a rich, fertile prayer life while he was on earth. With warmth and keen insight, Janet takes you on an engaging, vivid journey through the 14 recorded prayers Jesus prayed as well as his teachings on prayer and his prayer practices. No matter our backgrounds or ideas about how, when, and why we should talk to God, we can learn from Jesus’s simple, vulnerable examples. As we follow his example of prayer and take our problems to him, we will, like him, grow closer to the Father and find strength for our everyday challenges. Bethany House Publishers.

50 Life Lessons for Grads (#20 Christian Living, CBA May 2018)

Who better than a recent graduate to help you navigate life after college? With encouragement and advice, fifty young women and men share what they learned the hard way so you can better prepare for the same challenges. From “Money Isn’t Everything” to “Real Friendships Take Effort,” these short, but insightful messages address the real struggles, opportunities, and fears that you might face as you finish your education and begin your independent adult life. Following each essay are five bulleted life lessons to encourage and equip you on your chosen path. Worthy Publishing.



Many years ago, depressed and overweight, McHenry found a simple plan for her life: she would pray while she walked. Little did she know, it would change her life personally and open her eyes to the needs of her community.

Life today is busy and full of demands, and often the very things that are vital to daily life, such as prayer and exercise, are moved to the bottom of the priority list. In PrayerWalk Janet shows how to connect the sacred act of prayer with the everyday act of walking. WaterBrook Press.


Daily PrayerWalk

If your desire is to grow more closely to God, you’ll love Daily PrayerWalk. Janet offers 50 meditations that answer any question you’ve probably had about prayer. The book also follows up on expert, practical walking and exercise helps given in PrayerWalk for those continuing or beginning a prayerwalking routine. WaterBrook Press.



More than two thousand years ago the apostle Paul urged Christians to pray without ceasing. Yet a rewarding prayer life seems almost impossible for those of us juggling busy schedules, family needs, friendships, home tasks, or a demanding job. We’d love to engage constantly with God but how can we, when we spend so much of our days just racing from one thing to another? PrayerStreaming encourages us to pray in the daily tasks of our ordinary and busy lives. WaterBrook Press.


Training for Success

Do you want to make lasting changes in your life? Changes that others will notice and that will change you from the inside out? In this Bible study you will study about Jesus Christ, the ultimate personal trainer. Each of the 10 weeks focuses on a different characteristic of Christ, such as faithfulness and humility, and will be challenged to become more like Him. Also included are scripture memory cards, an inspirational CD, food and exercise trackers, menu plans, and recipes. First Place 4 Health.


Girlfriend Gatherings

Have you heard that there are seasons for friendships? Well, maybe it’s really possible to stay connected with the women who have been important to you throughout your lifetime. In Girlfriend Gatherings Janet offers simple ways to stay connected along with fun stories about real girlfriends. Recipes and easy, practical tips make this book a lot of fun for yourself or gift giving. Harvest House.


Prayer Changes Teens

This may be the only funny book on raising teens, with a hint in the subtitle, How to Parent From Your Knees. But it’s also packed with tremendous helps to urge you to give control God through prayer and get back to what you enjoy most — loving your teen. This book includes light-hearted stories to show you you are not alone, valuable insights on more than 20 conflict areas, specific prayer strategies, quotes from real teens on perspectives on the hot issues, what the Bible has to say on each subject, tips from parenting experts, specific prayers to get you started, and dialogue starters. WaterBrook Press.


My Prayer Buddy Devotional

Women with prayer partners always have good intentions to pray for their prayer partner, but sometimes they forget and sometimes they even get stuck in a prayer rut. This book provides weekly prayer strategies for prayer partners! AMG Publishing.

Bride and Seek Book

Bride and Seek

Carriage House Antiques owner Maggie Watson often discovers unique antiques in unexpected fashion, but her latest find could be her most surprising yet. While searching for her playful cat, Snickers, in an upstairs bedroom, she happens upon an exquisite 1920s wedding dress forgotten in a closet corner. Apparently never worn, the custom designer gown unfolds more questions than it answers. What is this gorgeous creation doing in Sedgwick Manor? Why did the intended bride never wear it? And why is the matching veil torn from bottom to top? Available as part of a 24-book subscription series from Annie’s Publishing: https://www.anniesfiction.com/home.php?program_id=ASM

Annie Shepard Mysteries

Mystery at the Fairgrounds
Annie Shepard is not happy about moving from Los Angeles to tiny Mountain Center. She has met two girls but doesn’t seem to quite fit in. When a phantom fire appears and cats go missing, Annie finds her True Friend, and everything makes sense. Cook Publishing.

Secret of the Locked Trunk

When thirteen-year-old Annie finds an old trunk in the attic, she begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding it and in the process learns lessons about family love.

Mystery at the Old Stamp Mill

The search for the missing museum director leads Annie and her partners to the mining tunnels and the old stamp mill. There they meet some unusual characters and find that digging into local gold history is the key to finding the missing director.



Golden Rule Duo Series

Teach a child in the way
 he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

And the Winner Is

Emily planned all summer to run for fourth-grade class president. What she didn’t plan on was having her twin brother, A.J., run against her. What is God’s plan in all this? Looks like it could be one interesting election. Cook Publishing.

Trick ‘n’ Trouble

A.J. and his friends can’t wait for the chance to play a trick on their teacher, Mrs. Todd. It sounds like a good plan at first, but God helps A.J. realize it’s probably not the greatest idea after all. Can A.J. stop the prank before it’s too late?

The Chosen Ones

Emily was chosen to be friend of the week to Rachel–the new girl–who appears to be quite different. Emily’s not too sure she’ll have much to be thankful for, until she realizes that appearances can be deceiving.

Time Out!

A.J. worked awfully hard to get elected to the student council. Now it looks as though he’ll have to choose between it and basketball. He loves basketball, but he made a commitment to the student council. What is the right decision?

Caught in the Act

A.J. is appointed to investigate a graffiti incident and is shocked when soon he is named as the culprit. A.J. can’t understand why God would let him take the blame for something he didn’t do.

Mission Impossible!

Emily and Annie Rose have been best friends forever, but now Annie Rose is being mean, hanging out with different friends, and getting into trouble. Emily knows that a friend loves at all times, but what she doesn’t know is how to love a friend you’re not sure you even like anymore.






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Janet has received several awards, including the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Member of the Year and the Mt. Hermon Writers Conference Writer of the Year.

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Based on personal experience and not just on theory, Prayerwalk, offers readers practical insights on how to get up, get moving, and get praying. The results can be life changing.
 –Robin Jones Gunn, best-selling author of the Glenbrooke series

A rooster crows. The first tuft of wood smoke leaks into the sky. Two sisters cross paths with McHenry, nod hello, and keep walking. The sisters used to think McHenry was unfriendly because she never paused to chat. But recently word got around town that the English teacher has published a book called PrayerWalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline (WaterBrook, 2001). Now everyone in Loyalton knows why Janet McHenry can’t be interrupted in the morning: She’s praying for them.

Health magazine, September 2001

For The Very Young…

Daniel & the Big Lions


In this two-in-one book that revolves rather than opens – Daniel learns that praying to God helps him not be afraid.

Joseph’s Coat1664dc34-b8d4-43f3-ba2d

In this two-in-one book that revolves rather than opens – Joseph finds that prayer helps him forgive when people are mean to him.

Jesus Feeds Lots of People


Children learn that Jesus can take care of all our needs.

Jesus Helps a Man Walk


Children discover that Jesus is the Great Healer.