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Janet’s mission is to get you Looking Up! In fact, she prays daily that she will encourage others through her writing and speaking. No matter what the subject is — prayer, spiritual health, writing, family, friends, or faith – Janet will fill you with help from God’s Word, hope from her own stories, and honest humor from her heart.


The author of over 20 books, Janet speaks all over the country to a variety of audiences, sharing practical, biblical truths through her humorously dramatic stories about how God has worked in her and others’ lives. Her business name Looking Up! reflects her passion for prayer.

Janet and Craig McHenry


After Janet graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in journalism, she married her high school sweetheart Craig and worked as a newspaper reporter and editor.  They eventually settled down in the Sierra Valley in northern California, where Craig is a rancher and where there is not a single stoplight in the entire county. In their town of 700+ folks, she says they have raised four pretty good children – all done with college and married – and are now enjoying their ten grandkids, all of whom are perfect. Visit the Family Gallery

As a busy writer, speaker, prayer coordinator at her church, and board member of The Sierra Schools Foundation, Janet says the only pastime she has time for is friends!  And she looks forward to knowing you better! Find her on Facebook or her Looking Up! blog.

The author of 23 books Janet has written the best-selling 50 Life Lessons for Grads, Girlfriend Gatherings, Training for Success (a Bible study on the characteristics of Jesus), and several on prayer:

  • The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus: What He Prayed and How It Will Change Your Life Today
  • PrayerWalk: Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength and Discipline
  • Daily PrayerWalk: Meditations for a Deeper Prayer Life
  • Prayer Changes Teens: How to Parent from Your Knees
  • PrayerStreaming: Staying in Touch with God All Day Long
  • My Prayer Buddy Devotional: For a Sisterhood of Prayer Partners

She also has written hundreds of articles for newspapers and magazines, including Decision and Guideposts.  Additionally, stories about her transformation through prayerwalking and her passion for her community have been aired on radio and television stations around the country and have appeared in magazines such as Health, Family Circle, First, and Catholic Digest.


praywalkpsdIn 1998 Janet began prayerwalking the streets of her community, praying over homes and businesses. Shortly after her best-selling book PrayerWalk was released in 2001, she became known as the foremost expert on devotional prayerwalking and has won numerous awards including Writer of the Year (Mt. Hermon Writers Conference), Advanced Writers and Speakers Association Member of the Year, and Teacher of the Year (Soroptimists International). Read more…

“Prayer is the best problem-solving strategy… so keep looking up!”

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