Spring to-do list

25 Feb


Need to send your transcript?


Once you have finished your college applications and filed the FAFSA and state grant application, it may seem as though you’re DONE. However, there are still some things to do:

  • Make sure you have completed any additional scholarship application that each of your colleges may require (check with the Financial Aid offices).

  • Have your high school send your official midyear transcript (if and when your colleges request this–some may only want the end-of-year transcript).

  • Notify your academic advisor at your high school when you receive acceptances.

  • Write thank you notes to those who have helped you complete applications and write recommendation letters.

  • Continue applying for every scholarship for which you are qualified. Many local organizations are now posting their notices. 

  • And if you’re planning on attending a community college, apply now and make an appointment to have placement testing done and to enroll in classes. 

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