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Check your college portal daily

4 Feb

berkeley websiteAre you checking your portals daily?

Too often high school seniors are not aware that colleges communicate with applicants via their college portal. Think of this portal as your own personal mailbox on the college website.
Every college has its own system as to where this is located on the website. The photo above shows where you access the portal on the UC Berkeley website. To find the portal, go to the college’s website and look for the prospective students or applicants ┬álink. When you applied online, you created or received a user name and password. Use that to log in. The log-in process should take you to the portal, where you will find many links pertinent to your application.
You should be checking this portal DAILY. The following kinds of information may be available there:

  • Your notification of admission
  • Housing information and signups
  • Requests for additional information relating to your application (such as a missing recommendation letter or missing transcript or scores)
  • Financial aid offer
  • Requests from the financial aid office for additional information
  • Registration directions
  • Information about orientations and the course enrollment process

It is possible that you could lose your admission status and financial aid offer if you do not regularly check this portal and see what’s on your to-do checklist. Take care of business!