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May 1: Time to decide!

26 Apr


The time to decide is NOW!

Seniors, if you have not yet committed to your four-year college, you should be deciding and signing on that online-bottom-line in the next couple of days. May 1 is traditionally the deadline to commit.

Community college students should also be finalizing their decision, as well.

Additionally, be prepared to pay a registration fee of $200 to $500 or more. Some universities will waive that fee if you will be receiving full financial aid. Future dorm students probably also will have to pay a dorm or other university housing fee.

If you are required to do math and English placement testing, contact the college about how and when to do that.

Check your college portal DAILY to make sure you aren’t missing important deadlines.


Finalize your financial aid info

5 Apr

got offers?

got offers?

Not yet? Hmmmm . . . there could be a problem.


If you and your parents completed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) based on ESTIMATED income figures and assets, the time is NOW to get your FAFSA updated. Your colleges will not be making you a financial aid offer until the FAFSA is finalized.

Do this by going to Double-check that you have listed all the universities that you want this information to be sent to.


Make sure you have reported your Social Security Number correctly on the FAFSA and to the colleges. I had one student who had the wrong SSN reported to her colelge and didn’t get a financial aid offer at all. I wanted to say “duh,” but I controlled myself. After my calling financial aid at her college, we got this worked out, but it was a struggle. She almost lost her federal and state grants over that.


Check your college portals to see if you need to provide additional information, such as copies of a 2012 federal tax return.

If you still don’t have an offer, call the financial aid offer. Allow HOURS for this process and be patient and diplomatic.