Need Cash for College?

5 Feb

As a high school academic advisor I am hosting a Cash for College Night at my high school tonight. Seniors and their parents will come to get help from college financial aid officers to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) — as well as the Cal Grant GPA Verification form . . . and one student will win a randomly-drawn $1,000 scholarship and another a $2,000 academics-based scholarship.

If you are a California high school senior, you could take advantage of this program offered by the California Student Aid Commission. Just check out this website to find one near you (which does not have to be your own high school):

Even if you don’t live in California, there is a lot of help available to find your way through the maze of financial aid applications. Just check with your high school counselor or check out Remember that there are deadlines for completing the FAFSA. In California, it is important to complete both the Cal Grant GPA Verification form and the FAFSA on or before March 2.

Get ‘er done, seniors!

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