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Waiting List Realities

8 Apr

Many high school seniors — maybe you — are on a college’s waiting list and hopeful for a positive response.

There may be good news/bad news coming.

While you may have a decent shot at getting into your #1 school, you may find that the subsequent financial aid package is less than favorable.

Colleges will typically offer their scholarship and grant money to those students they want to attract — the ones with solid grades and test scores that were earlier admitted. By the time the wait list students are invited, that money may be dried up.

Yes, you can do your Intent to Register at another school and see what happens with your Dream School’s wait list notification (which may be as late as July). However, it may be that the financial aid package may not work as well for your family as a school that has already offered you admission.

More information is available in this Los Angeles Times article: