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9 Dec

Fight off senioritis!

Fight off senioritis!

About now you are probably getting those wonderful acceptance letters or electronic notices that start “Congratulations!”

There’s no better feeling than knowing that at least ONE college wants you, right?

However, after you’ve gotten a few of these and know you’ll be somewhere on a college campus next fall, the tendency to slip into Senioritis is a huge problem.

What many seniors do not realize is that acceptance they have received is a CONDITIONAL acceptance. You are still expected to achieve at the same level you have been for the other three years of your high school existence. It is possible that a college could revoke your acceptance. So, yes, Virginia, you still need to STUDY and get good grades.

Here are a few motivational strategies:

  • Think of this new semester as the beginning of school. Get organized all over again. Reorganize your notebooks. Get a new stash of 3×5 cards and notebook paper and pens/pencils. 
  • Buy a new calendar if you haven’t yet. Keep tracking important deadlines for your colleges and for scholarships, senior year activities, and AP and other tests.
  • If you haven’t already, organize a study group to prepare for those challenging spring exams, such as the Advanced Placement tests, set for the first two full weeks of May.
  • Check your online college portals DAILY! Announcements will most likely be delivered to you there regarding deadlines and financial aid.
  • As you and your family are able, visit any college campuses to which you have been accepted but have not yet visited. Schedule tour appointments. Some colleges also have spring visitation programs that are very reasonable and very worthwhile. (See my earlier blog about how to make the most of college visits.)Congratulations on your acceptances!


    Keep studying to keep all your options open!

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