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A few last things…

16 May

Congratulations! You are nearing the end — or may even have already “Pomp-and-Circumstanced” your way down the commencement aisle.

There are still some things to take care of before you are good to go.

1. Final transcript: If you are attending a four-year college, make sure that you have filed a request with your high school office to send a final transcript to your college’s admissions office. Make sure you provide the correct and complete mailing address.

2. Final checkout: Make sure you do not have any textbook, library, or athletics charges — so that you can receive your diploma.

3. Final thank-you’s: Be a class act. If there are teachers or counselors who wrote letters of recommendation and other evaluation forms for you — which take hours of time — write those folks a nice thank you note. And FYI . . . you might need them to do that in the future!

And just one more tip: Carefully steam that graduation gown with a warm, not hot iron.

Blessings for your future! Thanks for following me in this Senior Year 101 blog!

Janet McHenry