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How to do college searches

25 Jul

One piece of inertia to overcome as students are heading into their senior year is the confusion about how to do a college search.

Seniors often THINK they know where they want to go at the beginning of the year but often completely do a 180-degree switch by May 1.

One feature to check out is Big Future, offered by the College Board. On that website you can select filters for test scores, selectivity, location, housing, majors and more to find the BEST options.

I’ll post the link below, but I first wanted to share WONDERFUL news that my book 50 Life Lessons for Grads: How to Save Time, Money and Heartache will be released by Worthy Publishing in spring 2018, just in time for gifts for high school and college graduates. Stay tuned here for future info!

Here’s the link I promised:¬†


Plan for senior year expenses

19 Jul

Parents of high school seniors experience sticker shock a few months into the school year.

For example, application fees for each University of California campus is $70, and California State University applications cost $55 each.

Then there are last-minute test fees and final college visits and a whole lot more:

  • School fundraisers for the senior trip and other special class activities
  • Prom expenses
  • Senior photo shoot expenses
  • Yearbook feature pages
  • Cap, gown, tassel (if not paid by school) and other items typically bought: school ring, letter jacket, senior key and other memorabilia
  • Senior banquet tickets
  • Graduation invitations
  • Grad night party expenses
  • Family graduation party expenses

You probably want to budget at least a thousand dollars for basics. Plan ahead, communicate clearly among the family, and think creatively to keep the costs down. After all, there will be college expenses ahead, too.