Checklist for February

7 Feb

While you have probably completed all college applications and are in the throes of scholarship applications (do at least one a week, seniors), don’t also forget to do the following:

  • Make sure you have listed all your colleges on your FAFSA ( California has a March 2nd deadline for consideration for the Cal Grant — but “the sooner, the better” will help you get your financial aid offer back more quickly.
  • Some colleges require the CSS Profile for financial aid consideration (
  • Make sure your school has sent your transcript to schools that have requested one.
  • Check your college portals every single day–you may have tasks to complete before your acceptance and/or financial aid package can be sent.
  • Some colleges may request copies of your family’s returns before they send financial aid offers.
  • Take any requested placement tests (English, math) that your colleges of choice may require.
  • Double-check that you listed your applied colleges with College Board (SAT) and/or ACT. Not doing that can delay your acceptance . . . or worse, sent you down the rejection path.

Staying on top of your to-do list will help smooth out your decision-making process!


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