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Sign up for last-minute tests

23 Aug

If you’re not happy with your ACT or SAT scores, you can still take them this fall. Typically, though, four-year colleges want seniors to have their tests completed by December.

To sign up for the Sept. 9 or Oct. 28 ACT, go here:

To sign up for the Oct. 2, Nov. 4 or Dec. 2 SAT, go here (you still may be able to get into the Aug. 26 test as a standby–but act now!):

Those links can also direct you to free practice tests, which you should take seriously NOW. Work on them daily so you’re prepared.

Remember: Good scores equal not only better admission chances but also opportunities to earn scholarship money. Colleges typically base their scholarships heavily on test scores.

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A back-to-school must

3 Aug

Your senior year is about to start, and you’re probably all stoked about back-to-school shopping for clothes and school supplies.

As you’re making out your shopping list, add one more thing…

A calendar.

In your senior year you will face more deadlines than you have had for the prior years all put together. A calendar is a must when there are big bucks consequences involved.

You can go one of two ways:

  • A real paper calendar, something that will fit easily into your backpack.
  • A virtual calendar–using your calendar app on your phone/device or something like Google Calendar.

The advantage of the virtual calendar is that you can have it remind you. In any case, though, I would backdate those deadlines, so you give yourself plenty of notice to get the college or scholarship application done. Schoolwork deadlines become all important, too, to keep your grades up during your senior year–colleges want to know that you’re challenging yourself and meeting those challenges.

Plan ahead now…and you’ll cruise through the next year just fine!

Hey there! More help for your senior year is right here–by reading through the blogs, starting with those posted in August, then those in September:

Coming soon:

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Get a jump on your Work Study job

14 Jun

If you qualified for Work Study as part of your financial aid package from your college, you still have some research to do to get the best job.

By about mid-summer if not before, colleges will have job postings for Work Study students. Those jobs are not just handed over to you. You still have to submit a resume, an application, and probably a cover letter for EACH separate job to which you apply. Typically, departments on campus can work with your schedule, even as it changes from semester to semester.

It’s a first-come, first-served kind of world with Work Study jobs, so it’s important to apply diligently to get the job that will be most advantageous to you. Think about what might be resume appropriate–a job that will best prepare you for the work you would like to do eventually. Yes, it could be fun to work in the cafeteria, but if you could work in a research institute instead, couldn’t that help you down the road after you graduate? Those kinds of contacts are invaluable when you’re applying for real-world careers.

More info about the Work Study program is here:

Best wishes for a great summer!