Get a jump on your Work Study job

14 Jun

If you qualified for Work Study as part of your financial aid package from your college, you still have some research to do to get the best job.

By about mid-summer if not before, colleges will have job postings for Work Study students. Those jobs are not just handed over to you. You still have to submit a resume, an application, and probably a cover letter for EACH separate job to which you apply. Typically, departments on campus can work with your schedule, even as it changes from semester to semester.

It’s a first-come, first-served kind of world with Work Study jobs, so it’s important to apply diligently to get the job that will be most advantageous to you. Think about what might be resume appropriate–a job that will best prepare you for the work you would like to do eventually. Yes, it could be fun to work in the cafeteria, but if you could work in a research institute instead, couldn’t that help you down the road after you graduate? Those kinds of contacts are invaluable when you’re applying for real-world careers.

More info about the Work Study program is here:

Best wishes for a great summer!

Three rules for success in college

7 Jun

As you anticipate heading off to college this fall, I couldn’t resist sharing with you my Three Rules for College Success:

1. Do the reading BEFORE you go to class, checking your syllabus continually to make sure you’re pacing yourself through the semester (or quarter).

2. Go to class.

3. Take advantage of study groups and tutoring.

Best wishes as you head off to your summer orientation to meet advisors, financial aid folks, and faculty. If you haven’t signed up yet, go to your portal on your college’s website and find out how to sign up.

Have a great summer!

Best commencement speech EVER!

30 May

Congratulations to our student intern Bella Campbell! She was this year's Valedictorian and is on her way to Berkeley next year. All of us at The Sierra Schools Foundation wish you the very best!She also gave the most beautiful Valedictorian speech. Annabella Perry

Posted by The Sierra Schools Foundation on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be inspired, readers! This young lady, my former student, wrote one incredible speech–chick above or read below–used here with permission.




Loyalton High School Valedictorian Commencement Speech: June 5, 2015

© 2015 Annabella Campbell


The world is full of music. From New York to Hong King, from London to Loyalton—the earth dances underneath our feet. Can you feel it? Can you hear the music? There’s a beauty ringing in every syllable. There are sparks of hope hidden behind every lonely corner, inside every blackened coal.

It’s our choice to decide what we hear, just as it is our choice to decide where to look.

You could travel halfway around the world to some foreign land, listening. Learn about that culture’s people, their customs and languages, their rituals and dances. Walk in their shoes. Experience something you’ve never even imagined in your wildest daydreams. Learn about their music. Close your eyes and listen. Close your eyes and smile. Close your eyes and learn. Because music is enlightenment.

You could stay in California, listening with new ears to the songs you’ve heard your whole life. Keep an open mind, because the songs you thought you knew are slightly different now as you grow. Discover a secret about yourself. Share a few hundred smiles with your family. See those friends you swore not to miss and reminisce about the past while keeping your feet firmly planted in the present. Keep the good memories in a backpack to carry around, behind you, but there to be heard should you need them. They are the songs of your childhood. Because music is security.

You could find yourselves in a lecture hall, nearly deafened by the voices of hundreds of others, but keep listening. There’s beauty in every verse, even the crowded and convoluted. When school is tough and life is difficult, the chorus of your song is the current that will carry you home. Look for it. Listen for it. Find it in the friends you make, the professors you meet, the clubs you join. Find it in the taste of your freedom on your tongue, the sound ringing through your ears. Never sit in silence. Never settle for quiet musings, for monotonous mornings, for lackluster paintings, for deafness in a crowd. Never settle for anything. Because music is joy.

You could have no idea where you’re going. Even if the city sleeps, don’t walk alone. Take a leap. Be kind to a stranger. Make friends, fall in love—the sound waves all around you can work to build yours up. Trust that you will find the map to where you’re going. Hold your breath, keep walking straight, and listen. Because music is faith.

You could have a heart full of dreams and a head full of ideas, but take a breath and listen. Through the cacophony, listen for the music around you. Plant your feet, raise your arms, and listen to the verses other people shout at the sky. The lyrics of others should influence your travels if you listen hard enough. You may be sure of where to go, but if you cover your ears, you close your world to collaboration. Hold onto your dreams, but allow your mind to wander into the dreams of others. The heart rages with color and screams with hope. Because music is passion.

The world is full of enlightenment, security, joy, faith, and passion.

So, look for the music in life. Turn over every stone, gaze up at every cloud, sing along to every song you know, but whatever you do, don’t stop searching. Each note is delicate and beautiful, and transcribed into a language especially for your ears. Don’t let your life be one without music in it. Can you feel the humming of possibilities at your feet? Can you feel the earth exhaling a nudging wind to set you on your way? Can you hear the music around you? If you can’t hear it, then maybe it’s time you made your own.

About the Author: Annabella Campbell is now studying creative writing at the University of California, Berkeley. She plans to be a novelist.