Embracing aloha

Our Honolulu girl visited for several days over the weekend. Our kids conspired to put together an early birthday celebration for a Big Zero I will face at the end of the month.   It's hard knowing your child is an ocean away. The hellos and goodbyes happen in a blink...

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Tired of sitting on your hands?

Years ago I asked the folks at my publishing house if they might consider offering my book PrayerWalk in audiobook form. It made sense to me, as people listen to audiobooks when they walk, and many times I'd been asked if the book was available in that form.   Instead...

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Finding the upside in the year’s downs

A year of ups and downs, huh?   "Ups?" you say?   Yes, despite what's happened, I am determined to keep #lookingup.   A year ago Sunday I flew home from several days visiting with my brother and his wife, who live in Palm Desert CA. While I'd heard of the coronavirus...

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Just do it

Halfway into the closet months of COVID last year, I found myself just paralyzed. I seemingly couldn't put one foot in front of the other writing-wise. There were many things I wanted to get done, but while I did manage to write blogs daily, nothing else got crossed...

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#LookingUp when you’re discouraged

I've had a couple weeks of struggle trying to launch an online masterclass called Prayer School. The chat experts from the venue have been slow to answer and vague in their responses.   Then I realized I created the course in the wrong manner and tried to figure out...

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18 Ways to a Praying Lifestyle

I knew I should pray more. I tried--I really did. I got up earlier and got in my cozy chair . . . only to find it was too cozy and I was nodding off. Then I got a Nordic Trac and propped my Bible up on the thing so I could pray the scriptures. But my Bible fell off,...

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Impediments to Prayer

After a traumatic experience in our family, I wanted nothing more than to move. I didn't want to live in the fishbowl of my little town in the Sierra Valley. I didn't want people whispering "She's the . . ." I just wanted to move on. So, I immediately started looking...

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On counting things

My dad was a man of numbers.   After church I could ask him, "How many today, Dad?"   And he'd tell you the exact number of people in worship that day.   When he came home from his job as a department store manager, he'd have his figures in his hand--the total retail...

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Avoiding surgery

When I walked into the office at Loyalton High, where I worked, I was surprised to see that our son Josh hadn't signed up for his second year of basketball.   When I saw him next and asked him about that, he said, "I'm not playing this year."   When I asked why, he...

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