Words, words, words.

imgres-1So, what is with this word-of-the-year thing? People are chatting all over Facebook about their word of the year. Here are some I’ve seen: “Prosperity.” “Favor.” “Progress.”

A half dozen years ago I didn’t give much thought to a word focus for the coming year. I made resolutions and thought that was enough.

In an honest session of to-thy-own-self-be-true reflection, I realized that there was something rotten in the State of Janet. Consequently, I decided there could be a method in the word-of-the-year madness if I focused on a character trait that was a weakness in me.

imgres-2.jpgThe first year was love. Because I wanted others to “never doubt that I love,” LOVE was a repeat word the following year. (Get it right, Janet. LOVE!) The following year I worked on optimism. (Can you tell I have a choleric temperament?)

Last year I worked on humility. I had two fender benders before the end of January. That was certainly humbling–and embarrassing! However, by the end of this month God has blessed me with three book contracts . . . and I am just so stunned by his goodness.

By the end of November as I was crazy-busy Christmas shopping for a husband, four children, their spouses, six grandchildren, extended family members and friends, and truth be told, myself, it was quite clear what should be my 2017 word for the year.


I’ve never been a contented person. I’ve always been a pusher. I’ve always wanted something more–either in a work setting or in my home. Even as a young married woman I remember sitting in a couples Bible study in our church in Kansas and hearing the leader’s question: “Are you content with your life?”

Every other person in our circle of friends said, “Yes!”

I said, “No–there’s always something more I seem to want.”

So, I’m focusing on CONTENTMENT for 2017. In preparation for that journey I’ve already donated . . . wait for it . . . TEN boxes or large bags of stuff to our local thrift store.

imgres-4Indulge me one more Hamlet allusion: “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below: Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” I truly do want to become more like the Savior as my years pass. I don’t want to enter the last years of my life with the same old, same old problems.

Each year of my life should matter. For this year I want less of the world and more of what my Father Provider would choose to give me. And I hope the first thing on that list of gifts is contentment.

What is YOUR word for 2017? And please share your rationale. I’m interested in you!


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