Tee for two

Is it possible for me to BE STILL?

I’ve thought a lot about why I pray and put together this quiz for you and me:

I pray:

___ to seek God’s guidance

___ for God’s wisdom

___ to feel closer to God

___ to express my love for God

___ to escape the worries of the world

___ to thank God for all he has given me

___ to ask God to help me with my day

___ to ask God to make me a better person

___ to intercede for others

___ because God wants me to spend time with him

___ because God wants me to pray for others

___ because I like talking to God

___ because I know I should

___ to impress others

___ other:

If I could accumulate days and moods and needs, I’m sure I could check all of those off . . . yes, even the “to impress others”  and “because I know I should” reasons.

But Jesus, it seems, HAD to be with his father. There was such a deep longing for companionship. As a boy he HAD to be in his Father’s house. As ministry developed, he often got away by himself to spend time with his Father.

I don’t think my praying life has developed to that extent–with that sense of longing. I pray in snatches, in fly-by moments, in see-it-and-lift-it-up snaps of the fingers. And God has been gracious to put up with my texting mode of communication.

But I think he wants more of me. He wants me to put water in the kettle and prepare tea. He wants me to carve out a chunk–a big one–of time and hang out in the house he has provided for me. And while, yes, he wants me to lay out others’ and my needs to him, he wants me to be still, dwell in his presence, and listen.

I’ll let you know how that goes.


Studying Jesus’ prayers has radically changed the way I pray and how connected I feel with God. I believe they will change you, too!

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