On feeling directionless

When I woke up this morning, Craig asked, “So what are you going to do with your day?”

I said, “Oh, probably nothing . . .  like yesterday.”

Yes, I tend to get a little dramatic when I’m feeling down. I can get into a space when I’m feeling directionless, and that is a real YUCK space for me, because I’m generally pretty optimistic and driven.

BUT GOD! In my study time this morning I read this verse–a reminder that God has called me and that I can live out his plans for my life by hanging out with him. Only in that space can I have purpose for my day.

Keep Looking Up! — even in your times of discouragement. When you’re looking down at your own situation, things can look YUCK . . . but it’s beautiful when you look up.

Prayerfully find purpose and direction for your life: “The only comprehensive guide to the prayer life of Jesus.”

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