Emptying your pocket

As a child I loved Christmas. In fact, my mom said I used to get so excited about the prospect of Christmas morning, that I’d run a fever.

One Christmas I wrote a last-minute note to Santa, asking him for Barbie clothes for my doll.

In the morning there was a beautiful, hand-written letter from “Santa,” saying, in effect, that he was sorry he’d run all out of Barbie clothes by the time he had gotten to my house. Instead, he was leaving all the change in his pocket for me–a couple dollar bills and a pile of coins.

Isn’t it funny that that gift is the only one I remember from childhood–the one where my folks left the contents of their wallet and pocketbook on top of the TV? And honestly, that probably WAS all they had left after buying presents for FIVE children. 

As an adult, I now know the joy of giving everything you’ve got to make others happy–whether that’s in fixing a lovely meal, buying a gift, or just spending the last minutes of energy playing a game with a grandchild.
We’re now in what’s called a season for giving . . . but Christianity teaches something else: we can trust God with giving all we’ve got, because we have a Savior who gave his all and who strengthens us to help others.

The author of 24 books, Janet McHenry loves to speak to encourage others to keep Looking Up! You can contact her through her website, https://www.janetmchenry.com. 



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