On losing sisters

I completely missed something this last week. Somehow I missed that someone close to me had lost someone dear to her.
We were having a short conversation about the coming week, and she mentioned needing to go to a memorial service.
Because I was so self-absorbed in my mental list, I didn’t ask her who the deceased was.
And then I learned this week: it was her sister. Her younger sister had died of cancer, and I hadn’t even known about the cancer.
Sometimes you see yourself without the help of a mirror. And the image isn’t pretty. That image of self wrapped in self-paper and tied up with a self-bow. Ugh.
I called her yesterday, and we had a good conversation.
I understand the ache of losing a sister. Today is the third anniversary (aren’t anniversaries supposed to be good?) of my sister Nan’s death. We were the Jan&Nan duo growing up, just a year apart. Matching outfits, forts in the woods, Monopoly and Scrabble, ice skating on the pond in the winter and swimming there in the summer. We laughed a lot . . . I miss the laughter the most.
Loss can connect us or isolate us. I choose connection, because there we can lighten each other’s burdens. Only then perhaps the mirror dimly image shows a bit of heavenly light shining in the background.
Prayerwalk in the Word:
“Lord, may I see others’ needs today and be kind.”
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