The right tools for the job

The other day I had a simple task before me: hang a picture. But I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to get the hammer out of my toolbox (yes, I have my own toolbox!).
So, I grabbed the nearest substitute, a glass candleholder and was just about to pound that large nail into the wall when a thought stopped me.
“That is really dumb, Janet.”
The consequences of hammering a nail with a glass were not worth the very slight inconvenience of walking twenty steps to get my hammer out.
We also have a spiritual toolbox: the Word of God and prayer. And sometimes we try to shortcut it through our days without either. What silly consequences in our lives might we have avoided had we instead used those tools to equip and even armor ourselves for our days?
Yes, I’ve been known to use a butter knife for a screw driver . . . but there’s no substitute for reading God’s Word each day and praying.
Prayerwalk in the Word:
“Lord, your Word equips me each day for the tasks set before me.”
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