Doing some Holm renovation

I don’t know why we Holm cousins had lost touch over the years, but my cousin and I hadn’t seen each other for 47 years. Crazy how life can pass: 47 years!
There was no brokenness in our relationship as existed between Esau and Jacob–just lots of life in between youth and later years. We shared and laughed and . . . well, I cried at least once.
I am thankful that God is in the business of restoring relationships–first we to himself and then we to others. Some might say, “I’m just done with him/her/them.” But I feel as though I need to know I have done my best to clear any walls between others and me.
Here’s the thing: if we are created in his image, I want my relationship with those other images to be a reflection of my relationship with the Lord I serve.
Praying for restoration of relationships in your life that are a bit bruised.
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