I was not a perfect teacher

I was not a perfect teacher.

Sometimes a student’s behavior would make me crazy, and I’d respond in anger or sarcasm.

One day I had just passed back a set of essays when “Steven” said, “Where’s mine? I didn’t get mine.”

“That’s all of them, Steven. You must not have turned one in.”

Well, then he escalated his tone and said I was “always” losing his homework . . . and I was the reason he was getting a bad grade in English.

So, hands on my hips, I said, “Yes, Steven, when I see one of your papers in my inbox, I just immediately throw it out so you’ll get a bad grade.”

That only made him go ballistic, and he threw his books on the floor, which meant I had to ask him to leave for the office.

Not well done, Mrs. McHenry. I knew it immediately, so the next day I told the class I was wrong to embarrass Steven and then asked his forgiveness.

To which he responded, “Well, Mrs. McHenry, I was wrong. Here’s my essay. I found it in my locker. I guess I hadn’t turned it in.”

The Israelites had to go through a whole rigamarole to obtain God’s forgiveness. I am thankful that Jesus’ gift of his life means that I am forgiven in God’s eyes . . . and knowing the sacrifice he made, I am more aware of when I mess up and try to make things right quickly with others when I hurt them.

What’s your forgiveness story?

“Lord, thank you for sending your Son.”

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