Are you a list maker?

Are you a list-maker?

I use a hardbound calendar to keep track of appointments and meetings and writing goals, because I’m easily distracted by those tasks that appear to be immediate needs.

Sometimes those tasks loom larger and shout more loudly than the longer-term goals that actually are more important. I always think that when I “clear the decks,” then I can get to that project.

That never happens, people. There’s always a crying baby–and I mean that figuratively. Sometimes we simply have to make ourselves carve out time to achieve the larger work. And it will be work . . . but so satisfying when it’s done.

I don’t know about you, but I want to achieve all the things the Lord sets before me.

So, yes, make those goals . . . but also create a plan for achieving them.

“I will do all the things you set before me, Lord.”

Janet McHenry is an award-winning speaker and the author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She would LOVE to be considered as the speaker for your next event.

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