I use the hashtag #justpray a lot. But oh my, how long it has taken me to realize that “just” praying is the better problem solving strategy than any plan or manipulation or wheeling-dealing thing I could arrange.
It took Hezekiah a while to learn this, too. Even though he was a king of whom it was written “he did right in the eyes of the Lord,” he tried several human efforts before seeking God.
First he tried to compromise with the Assyrian king, paying him off with silver and gold–even stripping gold from the temple doors.
And he tolerated taunts and insults not only against himself but even against the Lord. There was an important question in one of those taunts, though: “On what do you rest this trust of yours?”
Even more than that question challenges me, I can imagine that it haunted Hezekiah. He had tried to appease and live with those who followed other gods and who brutally harassed his people. It just doesn’t work.
So, Hezekiah prayed: “Incline your ear, O Lord, and hear….” (2 Kings 18:16). God answered, and angel of the Lord went about securing the victory.
Prayer should not be my last resort but my first response to a need that arises in my life. Prayer is the best problem-solving strategy. #justpray
Janet McHenryJanet McHenry is an award-winning speaker and the author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She would LOVE to be considered as the speaker for your next event. 
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