When you’re facing midlife switcheroos

Years ago I was increasingly getting frustrated in my job as the manager for my husband’s law office. (Yes, years ago he had a law practice in a neighboring town. His major midlife change was closing the office and ranching full time. He is now a happy guy.)
I did not enjoy preparing paperwork all day long and felt the creative juices were being sapped out of me. I truly wanted to make a difference in my community in a larger sense.
The God who spoke to the Old Testament Joseph AND the New Testament Joseph in dreams spoke to me.
Or rather it was a word picture. My dream was a nightmare of seeing children in a neighborhood of burning houses–children who were completely unaware of the danger all around them.
When I awoke, I knew God was calling me to teaching–a profession I had never wanted to pursue. In other words, it took a nightmare to make me do a 180-degree midlife change as well. Within a week’s time I was enrolled in a graduate school teaching program. Within months I was student teaching, and just a year after that nightmare I had my first teaching assignment.
God will lead us when we seek him. He does not hide. He does not keep secrets. He does not mislead us. If we are in a state of confusion, that’s on us.
His roadmap is right in his Word, and we can always look at the map when we do not have clarity in our lives.
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