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There have been many times when I have felt God’s help and complete sustenance, but two years ago I experienced his support in extraordinary ways.
I had the unbelievable privilege to have book contracts from three different publishers for three very different projects, one due right after another with February, May, and July deadlines: a cozy mystery, a gift book for grads, and a nonfiction book on Jesus’ prayer life.
I had just finished the second book when Craig and I took a road trip to see the national parks of the Southwest. That went beautifully, and I was mentally geared to dive into the third book project when I found my mom was not doing well physically. In fact, I took her to the ER, where they determined she had kidney failure.
Somehow, despite her 90 years, she made it through that awful period, in and out of a rehab hospital to gain strength. But then with several doctors’ recommendations that she not live alone anymore, she determined to sell her 4,000-square foot house and move to a senior living apartment.
Despite the fact that I live 150 miles away and despite the fact that I had another book due in two months’ time–the most important one of my writing career–and despite the fact that we were having extensive repairs done on our house, God provided.
I prayed a LOT and continued to read through my Bible that year. I felt desperately inadequate for all those tasks and asked God to give me creativity, strength, wisdom, and specific guidance on a daily basis. I had never emptied a house before. I had never dealt with my mom’s physical issues on such a personal basis. I had never written such an important book.
BUT . . . God helped me find a wonderful place for her to live, where my social mom can participate in activities there and in the larger community.
God helped me downsize her houseful of antiques and family treasures to our large family without a single complaint.
God helped me not only finish the book on time but actually turn it in a couple weeks early.
And he sustained my strength and health, as I worked at my mom’s house for most of the week, then returned home to pick up the pieces and write there as well.
You know, days pass in the same number of hours, minutes, and seconds. And we can choose to look up to the Lord for our help . . . or we can live in pity, misery, and complaint. I will keep choosing to look up. And I know he will help me through the most challenging of times.
Oh, and if you’re curious about how those books came out . . . here’s a link to check them out:
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