From strength to strength

Years ago in my second year of teaching, I was in early stages of pregnancy when I faced a teaching crisis.

You might laugh.

I had to teach science.

I was an English teacher at heart . . . and I had to teach science. My 4th/5th grade students wanted to start the year with space studies . . . and I had no idea what to do.

After school I was staring through tears into space (<—– sorry for the pun) when Diedre walked into my classroom.

“Oh my goodness, what’s wrong, Janet?” my next-door teaching friend said.

“I have to teach science tomorrow,” I said, “and I have no idea where to start.”

“Well, follow me,” she said.

Diedre took me to her room, where she had a giant storage container of models and posters and other resources. I also found a set of science textbooks in storage.

And boy-oh-boy, did we have a lot of fun with space studies over the next few weeks. We made models and did experiments . . . and we even simulated the effect of meteorites using mud. In my classroom. Me, the mom who never did messy crafts at home.

I truly believe God sent me Diedre right at the time I needed someone to come alongside me. And that was a lesson that all I need to do is pray, ask someone to help me, and be expectant that God will guide me and provide the help I need.

Perhaps you too will find that kind of help this week . . . although I recommend that you stay away from mud meteorites if possible.

Janet McHenryJanet McHenry is an award-winning speaker and the author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She would LOVE to be considered as the speaker for your next event. 

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