Staying centered in a distracting season

It’s easy now to get distracted.

There’s a lot of buzz on social media about the pandemic and its effects on people medically, on the economy, on our behavior, and more.

There will always be gloom and doom people that can drag us off course and into a downward spiral.

I prefer #LookingUp!

This is not, however, an inborn, natural trait. If I let the normal me react, I see problems and want to fix them. I see grammatical errors in books and on social media posts and want to grab my red pen.

I am also easily influenced by my environment. I want to please. I want to agree with people. Yes, I have a weird, dichotomous personality.

So I have to stay centered. As each day begins, I have to feed myself from God’s Word. I sit here at my table with my oatmeal, berries, and ice water and read a few chapters from his Life Story with man and see his faithfulness and shake my head at man’s resistance.

The thing is that I know I would make the same mistakes and be distracted by the world around me without a personal relationship with Jesus and without that daily study in the Bible.

To be centered–strong, purpose-driven, faithful–I look each day in God’s Word for that word for me. Today it was this part of the verse in the meme. Sadly, there was a big “however”: “However, they would not listen, but they did according to their former manner.”

The people of the northern kingdom stopped #LookingUp but instead started looking around and got distracted by other gods. They lost their center, formed ungodly alliances, and eventually were overrun by their enemies.

In this season of distance, I pray that each of you is not distancing yourself from the God who loves you, has pursued you for your entire life, and desires to keep you centered in him.

Janet McHenry loves sharing the truth of God’s Word and a message of encouragement and hope through her speaking and books. She would love to be considered as the speaker for your next event and would consider it a privilege to serve you and your organization:

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