Why I miss church

Have you ever built a church? I mean really BUILT a church . . . a church building?

Craig and I were recalling the other night about the many months we spent with married friends completely renovating the interior of the community church here in our little town. Nothing had been done to the building probably since it had been built a lifetime earlier.

Here’s what we did:
-Stripped and refinished the wood floors
-Stripped and refinished the wooden pews
– Had custom seating cushions made for the pews
-Repainted all the interiors
-Created paneled wood walls for the back section of the sanctuary with hand-crafted trim.
-Replaced all the large windows with glue-etched glass
-Expanded the stage
-Removed the old baptismal created newly configured doorways and offices behind the sanctuary
-Installed all new lighting
-Installed a new baptismal area under the stage

All I can remember is sanding . . . sanding . . . sanding. I wonder how many sanders we killed off.

There’s probably more, but I can’t think of everything. It was a crazy season of life, as we were raising children left and right. I have to laugh now: What were all those kids doing when we were hard at work? Probably making friends with each other as they ran wild in the shady yard next to the church building.

Our fellowship times together during those months were so sweet. We worked together. Ate together. Laughed together.

What we realized later was that while we were building a church, we were building THE church–a committed body of believers who would continue to serve the Lord, even though many of us are no longer there at that church.

And yes, while it was wonderful when the many projects were done, we still have lifelong friendships and bonds.

David told his son Solomon, his successor, to build a house for the Lord. He also told Solomon to follow God. It’s now interesting that while the world then must have been in awe of the beautiful buildings Solomon built, now he is known for his wisdom.

I think what’s hard right now is that the body of Christ is not physically together. There’s a symbiotic sweetness when you stand back and watch the coffee connection ladies doing their hostessing thing . . . and the greeters greeting with warm handshakes and hugs . . . and the tech crew dialing in the music magic . . . and the worship team drawing our attention upward. It’s a beautiful weekly dance that we don’t get to experience right now.

And I miss it.

The hands and feet were not meant to be ripped away from the body.

So I pray that somehow each of us IS participating in fellowship by reaching out to others and meeting needs in quiet ways.

Thus building the church from the inside out.

Read the Bible with Me: May 2
Read: 1 Chronicles 20-23
Pray: “God, guide my work today”

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