So you don’t hit the wall . . .

Hello, my name is Janet, and I am a doer.
I am a planner. I forge ahead. I get ‘er done.
And much of that can be my own downfall. Sometimes I get into a project and find I am completely clueless and completely overwhelmed.
When I retired, within six months I had contracts for three different book projects, all due within five months: a cozy mystery for adults (which I’d never done before), a gift book that relied upon the contributions of fifty contributors, and a Christian living book on prayer–probably the most important book to me personally that I would ever write.
So I plunged right into it all. I planned out my cozy mystery writing. I would get it done in two months, one chapter written every other day. And I would edit the gift book contributions as they came in. No problem.
Then I had a thought: Janet, perhaps you should check the mystery contract just one more time. Oh boy. I quickly discovered that the FINAL EDITS were due in two months; the original manuscript was due in ONE month. So, I did what I should have done from the get-go: I prayed.
Then I redid the schedule, begged for God’s mercy and inspiration, wrote like crazy, and still turned that book in early. God Thing.
The gift book was due next. I’d been editing the contributions for the prior couple months. And then I got stuck again. Contributors weren’t contributing. I was short. I was in a squeeze. So, I prayed and again begged for God’s mercy. And the pieces began coming in. Wonderful ones. Ones that made me cry and laugh and sometimes both. 
And I turned that book in early too. God Thing #2.
Now to project #3, due in two months. I scheduled out the writing, a chapter a week. No problem. But then my mom’s health failed. She stopped eating and drinking. She couldn’t get up out of her chair. She nearly died from kidney failure. So, she needed me, one hundred and fifty miles from my home, where it was much easier to write because it was quiet. Her house had the TV on all day.
So, I prayed and once more begged for God’s mercy. And somehow in a couple months’ time–with the help of my youngest, who flew from Hawaii to help for several weeks–I got Mom through hospitalization and the rehab hospital, at-home care decisions, her own decision to transition to senior housing that I researched and visited, the sale of her house, and the downsizing of her 3,600 square feet of furniture, antiques, family treasures, and more to multiple family members, yard sale folks, and charities.
With God’s mercy again, I wrote that third book and turned it in early. God Thing #3.
I honestly do not know how I survived those months other than the grace of God. I lived four days or more a week at my mom’s house all those months, driving home for long weekends to support my husband, who was crazy-busy farming/ranching. Mom is still doing well at age 92 in her senior living apartment. And THAT, people, is God Thing #4!
I see something similar with Ezra. He got permission to go back to Jerusalem to help build the community and teach the Torah after the temple was rebuilt. Then at the start of the journey, he got to the river Ahava. And he realized: “I don’t have any Levites.” He didn’t have spiritual backing. He needed help. He needed God. He had told the king that God was good and would protect them. But the rubber had hit the road: there would be enemies and all kinds of trouble on the trip home. He REALLY needed to seek the Lord.
So he proclaimed a fast right there at the river Ahava. They humbled themselves. They prayed. THEN they went on their journey. And when they got to Jerusalem, safe and sound, they worshipped God and made offerings.
Here’s a lesson for me–perhaps you too. At the START of the journey–at the START of each day, even–I need to pray. Yes, I’m a good planner and scheduler and doer, but I need to ask God for guidance at the beginning of the journey, not wait until I’m in a messy spot.
And then give glory and honor and praise to God at the end. Give the project to him. “Here, God, it’s yours. You do with it at your own pleasure.”
Just another #LookingUp! perspective.
Janet McHenry is a national speaker and the author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She would LOVE to serve your group as your next speaker: 
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  • Jayne King
    3 months ago

    This was just what I needed today. Very encouraging. Thank you!

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