The process of restoration

A few months back I bought a set of vintage swinging doors. They were painted with cream and brown paint–much aged, but not in an appealing way. They also have iron bars in the top half.

At first I thought they might have been from an old saloon, but the more I’ve looked at them, the more I think they might have been from a carnival or circus ticket booth. Clearly, there was a space for them to be secured together–the latch long gone.

I bought them recklessly . . . meaning I didn’t have a spot or real purpose for them. They were just so interesting to me, and I love pieces with history, even if I don’t know what that history is.

I decided they’d look best if I stripped the paint, so I bought paint stripper and applied it to one large section . . . which did not work worth beans. So, now I’ve got another kind of paint stripper and will give it another go. I’ve done a little furniture refinishing in my time . . . and I’ve got it in my blood, I think, as my mom did a LOT of it when she was younger. I even have some lovely furniture now that she restored.

It takes a lot of work to restore furniture. You have to scrape away the gunk. Then sand it to get the last vestiges of paint off–without too much sanding so that the wood still has a great patina. Some joints might need to be glued again to become more stable. After that, you can wax the piece of furniture or stain and varnish it. It needs protection.

Restoring yourself to your God takes some work too. You have to strip away pretenses and confess your sins and state of separation from your Creator. You have to work at renewing spiritual practices such as prayer and the study of God’s Word. And you have to protect yourself–guard your mind and discipline your body.

Restoring yourself to your God is a process, but as with furniture restoration you become a work of his art again–showing his love and peace and patience and kindness and more.

It’s worth the effort . . . because who wants to look like a broken down piece of furniture. As for me, I’d rather look alive and well.

Janet McHenry is a national speaker and author of 24 books–six of those on prayer, including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. She would love to connect with you and serve your group as your next speaker–virtual or otherwise:

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