Should schools reopen?

My heart is heavy for educators, parents, and students today.
Yesterday I asked folks on my profile page, “How can I pray for you today?” I do this weekly.
Here were some of the requests I received from educators:
“That I will be able to go back to teaching at the preschool I work at. I miss my babies dearly.”
“Not looking to have to go back to teaching. Too risky (my private school is saying it will open on August 3rd).”
“Please pray for our nation’s educational practices and for sense in choices being made. Specifically, please pray for _____. She’s distraught over hybrid school. She feels like she will fail as a student without her teachers.”
“My student committed suicide on Monday, and his friend is in a really bad place (also my student). I’m so heart broken. He was such a good boy with such a bright future. A leader at our school. This will have far reaching consequences for the students, and teachers at my school.”
As a former educator who taught for 26 years and as the mom of two English teacher daughters, I feel their pain.
Some sense real risk for their own health by going back to school. I understand this . . . and based on past experience, do not have the confidence that school districts will provide teachers with masks and disinfecting wipes and such that may be needed.
However, as the mom of four and nana of ten, I watched and listened to parents between March and June. Most families have two working parents. They can’t teach their kids and work a job. They quickly saw the inadequacies. Personally, I would not have been able to teach all the secondary subjects to my own children even if I had been a stay-at-home mom. So, I very much empathize with those who want school to go back to normal.
So . . . what to do? The only thing I can offer is PRAYER. I am committing to praying for teachers, admin, parents, and students through the course of this pandemic. When we go directly to the Master Teacher, he gives us a course of wisdom we cannot get anywhere else. Are you with me in this, friends? Will you pray with me? 
Keep #LookingUp, folks. God will see you through.
Janet McHenry taught English to high school juniors and seniors and also served as academic advisor at the small school in her community in the Sierra Valley. The author of 24 books, she tapped her former students to help her write 50 Life Lessons for Grads, which became a bookstore bestseller in 2018. She would love to be considered as the speaker for your next event, virtual or otherwise:
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2 Responses to “Should schools reopen?

  • Thank you, Janet. Much love and respect.

    • Janet Holm McHenry
      2 weeks ago

      Your kiddo is on my heart, Amanda. Hugs! God will see us all through this.

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