Finding light in the darkness

A surprise popped up when I was trying to see comet NEOWISE earlier this week.

When it was good and dark, I dragged a stool out onto our second-story balcony in front of the house and looked north-northwest as people had said. However, even in our remote town of 860 folks here in the Sierra Valley, there was too much light. Two street lights frustrated my attempts to find the comet.

But then I made a slight shift back into the darkness with my stool. And stared. While I didn’t find the comet, the whole heavens appeared to me like a bright sky. The Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and many other patterns.

I sat there for an hour in a sense of wonder. God made those suns of other universes–glittering pinpricks in a black layer of carbon paper. The longer I sat there, the lighter the sky appeared–as though the stars had agreed to join together for a talent show called “Shine.”

But the greater wonder moment was when I realized that the God who had made all of that night beauty had also created me. I couldn’t see the night sky art show without slipping back into the darkness for some moments. Light doesn’t shine in shine. It shines in darkness.

And I thought about my day.

I had grouched at my husband over trivial things.

I had run an errand for him I didn’t want to do.

I had groaned over greasy, dirty laundry and messed up bathroom sink.

What I hadn’t seen in the light of those moments was my husband’s love for me. If I’d been pushed into darkness of circumstances, I would have had an a-ha adjustment . . . but thankfully, I only needed an hour’s worth of sky pondering to remember God’s love and faithfulness for me through the generations of my years . . .

and my husband’s love and faithfulness for me, as well.

A few days later I saw it–NEOWISE. It turns out I’d been looking in the wrong direction those earlier days. It was sitting pretty right underneath the Big Dipper. I tried to take photos, but they’re all black. That’s okay . . . the image of a whoosh of light is fully embedded in my mind.

May the darkness of any future circumstances fully reveal the light of God’s love through  you . . . and me.

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