Who’s got your back?

This photo means so much to me.
Last night at sunset there was a half-mile-or-more wall of flames approaching our little town here in the Sierra Valley: #LoyaltonFire. I went to check it out on the other end of Main Street (all of a half mile long from one end of town to the other) and heard loud announcements: “Leave the area. Turn around and leave the area. Go back into town. The highway is closed.”
Even from my house on the other end of town, I could see the red glow of the fire. Craig wasn’t home, and that worried me, as his ranch should have been in the path of the fire.
But the the firefighters did stop it. God went before them, using their courage and skill and commitment. God mopped up the rear. I clearly believe God ordained each person there fighting the fire that could have swept through out town.
If you’d seen the before picture (I’m trying to get a better one), you’d have thought the fire was unstoppable. My daughter, driving back across our Tahoe-sized valley after dropping off her animals at a friend’s house, said it looked as though the whole town was on fire.
An hour later I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to see for myself what was going on. As I walked downtown, I could see the glow of the fire, but it was maybe a tenth of what I’d seen earlier. Things looked better.
I just happened to stop at the local restaurant to chat with folks there on my walk back home. There a dozer operator said, “Oh, they’re just mopping things up. It’s going to be fine.”
Truly a miracle. Did God and angels turn back the flames? No, those flames continued right up to the junction of a highway and a road that goes to the landfill. But . . . God certainly empowered and used those firefighters, dozer operators, water truck workers and more to stop that fire in its tracks. It was done.
And today workers truly are just mopping things up.
While this fire is just 30 percent contained, things look pretty good for our community. The same sort of thing actually happened 26 years ago this week with the Cottonwood Fire. God used people then too.
So, that made me think: how could God use me for some miraculous thing? I don’t know . . . but I will be open to his suggestions.
Keep #LookingUp . . . because what other direction is better?
Janet McHenry has lived in Loyalton with her husband Craig for 39 years, and they raised their four kids there. A national speaker and author, she has been prayerwalking for her community for the last 22 years. If you’d like to know more about her books or ministry, you can go here: https://www.janetmchenry.com
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