Full circle

I never read the Bible growing up. We were faithful churchgoers but the only time I heard the Bible read was Sunday in church and Christmas Eve when Dad read the Christmas story to us.
When I found out I could have a personal relationship with Christ and asked him into my heart. I suddenly became starved for the Word of God and wanted to learn as much as I could.
My first Bible study was in the book of Romans! Romans! Talk about heavy-duty theology right from the get-go! Justification Sanctification. Transformation.
Quickly I realized I needed a new Bible, as I didn’t want to mess up the only one I had–a white leather one with full-color pictures in it.
So, I bought a Bible and began studying it along with a bunch of Shakespeare and other British and American literature for my English classes.
As I was organizing a shelf the other day, I realized I had a large print copy of The Message for the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs. As my mom has been patiently waiting for the library man to deliver books again, it occurred to me that she might like to read a different version than the KJV she grew up with.
I laughed when she thanked me for “that book.” And I’ve smiled a few times when she has told me she’s read a little more from “that story.”
Life is circular, isn’t it? My parents gave me that white leather Bible with the full-color pictures . . . and I’ve now given my mom a storybook about Jesus.
May His words sink into all of us, one way or another.
Janet McHenry administers a Facebook group called Bible Girls, which has read the Bible from cover to cover together for the last seven years. She also leads a Bible study at her church in Reno, where she directs the prayer ministries as well. A speaker and author of 24 books, she would love to be considered as the speaker for your next event: https://www.janetmchenry.com
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