Cheek turning

How long have you lived in your house?   This year will mark FORTY years that we've lived in our home. Can you believe that? It seems unreal to me. How can that be?   The last year Craig was serving in the Army, we took a risk in buying three lots in our little town...

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Muddy boots

I have a cousin Roger, who used travel from the central coastal area of California to our family home south of Sacramento to go duck hunting. There are many marsh areas near there--perfect for his sport.   But boy, when he came back to our house at the end of the day,...

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Places I’ve been . . . and glories seen

I was just thinking of glorious wonder moments from our travels across this country:   - Grand Canyon: the shadows and light that chase each other in that grand hole   - Arches National Park: rock that reaches for the sky, then bends back to earth   - Zion National...

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Mercy me . . . please

I think I first understood the concept of mercy the last week of my high school chemistry class. From the first day of that class I hated it. The trigger occurred when Mr. Winters said, "Memorize the periodic table of elements." My reaction was WHY? It was on a giant...

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When your plans get sidetracked

When I got my teaching credential years ago, I never pictured myself teaching elementary school students. However, that's what happened when cutbacks occurred at the high school where I was teaching after one year there.   All of a sudden I found myself faced with the...

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Feeling rammed with finances?

Years ago when Craig proposed to me, I was a senior in college, and he was a first-year law school student. One of the crazy, random thoughts at that time that went through my brain was this:   "I'm going to marry a lawyer, and I'll never have to worry about money."  ...

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Hearing better in 2021

"She has a mind of her own." That was what I heard my mom say about me as a child. And what does that mean? At the best, determined, goal-oriented. At the worst, disobedient, uncooperative, stubborn. I think my mom meant the latter description but always hoped for the...

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Eight things to do with your Word of the Year

Got your Word of the Year for 2021?   Good! Now what? <----- That was my thought many years ago. I'd pick a word to be part of the Cool Group, LOL, and found it fell by the wayside without some TLC from me.   My intention for my Word of the Year is to bring about...

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Word of the Year: Part 1 of 2

“Words, words, words,” Hamlet says in the library scene of Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet. Often played with humor, Shakespeare’s scene helps Hamlet develop the false idea that he is going insane. But it’s not a crazy idea to choose a Word of the Year. I started doing...

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Go be light to the world

We can be LIGHT for others this Christmas season. That occurred to me as I thought about the Christmas Star alignment of Jupiter and Saturn tonight and then read this fabulous blog by Laurie Davies of Go Get Your Life. Enjoy this beautiful prose, follow her on FB and...

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