Are you feeling stuck because you aren’t experiencing forward movement in your life?

Are you unsure of your life’s calling and focus?

Are you confused about how to take next steps toward career or personal goals?

Life coaching can help with all of that, because unlike counseling–which helps us process the past–coaching helps us move FORWARD with our lives! And Janet would love to help you do some or all of the following:

  • Help you overcome self-defeating habits or insecurities, manage relationships, develop new competencies, and build effective ways to keep improving.
  • Establish a clear vision for your life as you think beyond the present, envision your future more clearly, and plan how to get there.
  • Help you grow through life transitions–reassessing life goals/plans, finding new career options, and gaining the knowledge you need for personal growth.
  • Guide you in your spiritual journey as you learn to hurdle barriers to growth and grow in your faith.

Janet McHenryFor writers and speakers Janet can help you:

  • Establish a mission/vision for your work, based on your passions, values, experience, strengths, and giftings.
  • Work through the process to prepare a professional book proposal, outline, and beginning chapters for a book to submit to a publisher or agent.
  • Organize your presentation to effectively reach your speaking audience.
  • Understand how to create a platform for your writing and speaking.

Coaching arrangements:

  • You get a free initial 20-minute session.
  • All coaching sessions are via phone calls (unless otherwise arranged).
  • Sessions are one hour.
  • Janet follows up each session with a short email that summarizes the session and clarifies the next steps for the client.
  • A fee agreement establishes the number of sessions: one, a series of three, or a series of six or more. The fee amount is less per hour with the longer-agreed-upon sessions.

About the coach:  

Janet’s natural coaching bent started as a high school English teacher and academic advisor when she used to say in her one-on-one conferences, “What do you want to do with your life? And how can I help you get there?” Her teaching and writing years have mostly overlapped each other in the last three decades. A national speaker, she has authored 24 traditionally published books–two of those best sellers, PrayerWalk and 50 Life Lessons for Grads. A writers’ conference speaker, she also hosts writing retreats in her home and guest house in the Sierra Valley in northern California.

Other bits of info:

  • B.A., Journalism, UC Berkeley
  • Teaching credential, Secondary English, National University
  • Certified life coach, Advanced Writers and Speakers Association
  • Her books have been published by WaterBrook/Random House, Harvest House, Bethany House, Worthy/Hachette, AMG, Annie’s Publishing, David C. Cook, and First Place for Health; two have reached bestselling lists.
  • Instructor at numerous writers’ conferences, including Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference, West Coast Christian Writers Conference, Greater Philadelphia Area Christian Writers Conference, and others
  • Freelance book editor for numerous writers and publishers
  • C0-creator of the Squires courses for the Christian Writers Institute
  • 26 years of experience teaching writing as a high school English, journalism, and creative writing teacher
  • Formerly a daily newspaper reporter and city editor . . . and regular contributor now to local newspapers
  • Married to attorney-turned-rancher husband Craig, her high school/college sweetheart, and they raised their four children in their Loyalton home.

FREE initial appointment:

For your FREE initial 20-minute appointment, contact Janet here:


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