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Janet McHenry is an award-winning speaker and the author of 24 books, including the bestselling PrayerWalk (WaterBrook/Random House) and her newest, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus (Bethany House/Baker).

She is widely admired as a funny, down-to-earth speaker who relates truth from her study, heart, and life experience on the subjects of prayer, prayerwalking, and Christian growth. Janet is considered by many to be an expert on devotional prayerwalking, with articles written widely about her, including a nine-page article in the Sept. 2001 issue of Health magazine as well as many others (Family Circle, First, Catholic Digest).

With 26 years of experience as a public school educator, she served as a high school English teacher, academic advisor, and her school district’s teacher mentor and coach. In addition to her books on prayer, she wrote a book called Teaching Poetry, co-authored the two Squires courses for the Christian Writers Guild, and wrote the CBA bestselling 50 Life Lessons for Grads (Worthy).

Janet and her husband Craig live in the Sierra Valley in northern California, where he is a cattle rancher. High school sweethearts, they both graduated from UC Berkeley. She says they raised “four pretty good kids” and now enjoy their “ten perfect grandchildren.” Janet and Craig enjoy an active lifestyle; they kayak together in the summers, he works hard on the ranch, and she prayerwalks for their town of about 800 people.

Serving is second nature for Janet. She has coordinated the prayer ministries at The Bridge Church in Reno for 15 years, where she also leads a First Place for Health group and has served on the board. She also serves as secretary of The Sierra Schools Foundation, a nonprofit organization that raises funds to provide supplemental programs for public school children in Sierra County, California.

Janet has spoken on spiritual topics such as prayer for the last 20 years for groups of all sizes across the country – from large conferences of thousands to groups of just a handful of people. A long list of endorsements from event organizers can be linked below.

Speaking and Interviews:

For bookings and other inquiries, please contact her directly. She is happy to work with your budget for your event. “It’s my goal,” Janet says, “to encourage my audience with practical and spiritual help, hope from my stories, and honest humor from my heart.” Please contact Janet using the contact form or at janetmchenry @ live.com. 

Represented by:

Janet Grant, Books & Such Literary Management, janet @ booksandsuch.com

50-word bio:

Janet McHenry is a speaker and author of 24 books, including PrayerWalk and The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. Her business name is Looking Up! because she encourages others to look up in prayer. An avid prayerwalker, Janet has been featured widely in magazines, including Health and Family Circle.

100-word bio:

Janet McHenry is a national speaker and author of 24 books—including the bestselling PrayerWalk and her most recent, The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus. Her business name is Looking Up! because she loves encouraging others to turn to God through a praying lifestyle. Her prayerwalking has been featured in magazines such as Health and Family Circle, and she has been interviewed widely about prayer and prayerwalking. A recently retired English teacher and academic advisor, Janet and her husband Craig have raised four children in the Sierra Valley, where she loves walking with her Personal Trainer, Jesus.

Speaking Topics

Prayerwalking: A Training for Churches

  • Why Prayerwalking: A Biblical Rationale
  • How to Prayerwalk: All the Details, Mindset, and Strategies
  • Inspiration to Walk Your Community: “Get excited, people!”

You Are Loved! How Jesus Honored and Protected Women . . . and How Much He Loves YOU! (retreat or single address topics)

  • You Have Value
  • You Have Purpose
  • You Are Accepted and Loved
  • You Have a Defender and Protector

You. Are. Beautiful. (retreat or single address topics)

  • Love Your Selfie: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You
  • Update Your [Inside] Status: Developing Intimacy with God
  • Pls Don’t Copy/Paste: Finding Your Unique Purpose
  • Message Me: Staying in Touch with God All Day Long
  • Optional: FREE Prayerwalking Workshop/Demo Prayerwalk

Looking Up! (retreat or single address topics)

  • PrayerWalking: Becoming a Person of Prayer, Strength, and Discipline
  • PowerWalking: Finding Strength Through Jesus’ Prayers
  • PowerPraying: Trusting God for the Impossibles of Your Life
  • PrayerStreaming: Staying in Touch All Day Long

Arise! Becoming Brave, Strong, and Free! (retreat or single address topics)

  • Overcoming Doubts to Find the Best You
  • Putting Your Past Mistakes into Godly Perspective
  • Forgetting the Hurts and Finding Healing
  • Breaking through Fears to Follow God’s Plan for Your Life
  • Optional: FREE Prayerwalking Workshop/Demo Prayerwalk

Renew! (retreat or single address topics)

  • Rest in Jesus
  • Revitalize in God’s Word
  • Radiate through Prayer
  • Refresh with Relationships
  • Optional: FREE Prayerwalking Workshop/Demo Prayerwalk

Fashioned for a Purpose (retreat or conference)

  • Clothes of Truth: Battling with God’s Word
  • Shoes of Readiness: Finding Personal Freedom
  • Accessories by God: Taking Hold of His Power
  • Fashioned for a Purpose: Partnering with the King
  • Optional FREE Prayerwalking Workshop/Demo Prayerwalk

Girlfriend Gatherings: Connecting with Each Other and God (retreat or single address topics)

  • Girlfriends in Whole Big Bunches: YES! (Esther: Partnering in Faith and Friendship)
  • Girlfriends From Family: YES! (Ruth and Naomi: Bringing Out the Best in Each Other)
  • Girlfriends in Unexpected Places: YES! (Sarah and Hagar: Mending Relationships Gone Wrong)
  • Girlfriends Through Thick and Thin: YES! (Mary and Elizabeth: Developing Friendships for the Hard Times)

God’s Spa (retreat or single address topics)

  • Massage at God’s Spa: Finding Rest in Christ
  • Treatments at God’s Spa: Embracing Life’s Changes
  • Aromatherapy at God’s Spa: Seeking God Through Prayer
  • Grooming at God’s Spa: Developing a Disciplined Life

Parenting Workshops

  • Duh…and Other Lovely Words: Communicating with Your Teenager
  • Homework Is Not an Oxymoron: Motivating Your Teenager
  • Candy Is Not a Major Food Group: Establishing Healthful Practices
  • “Stop Saying Your Sibling’s an Alien”: Building Respect at Home
  • PG May Not Mean “Pretty Good”: Setting Important Boundaries
  • Vaulting the Golden Arches Is Not a Life Plan: Helping Your Teen Establish Goals
  • Temptations…But Not the Singing Group: Recognizing Warning Signs and What To Do Next

Writing Workshops

  • Creating a Nonfiction Proposal That Will Sell Your Book
  • Plotting from the Right or Left Brain
  • Developing Characters Who Jump Off the Page
  • What “Show, Don’t Tell” Really Means for Setting and More
  • Developing Multi-Layered Conflict
  • How Storyboarding Can Create Your Book Outline
  • Unraveling the Mystery Form
  • How to Study a Writing Form . . . and Then Do It Yourself
  • Writing Poetry: The Sight and Sound (single workshop or all-day seminar)

School Workshops

  • Help! I’m Hired! Now What Do I Do? Practical Tips for New Teachers
  • Help! No One Told Me About Spitwads! Classroom Management Strategies That Work
  • Help! I’m Not an English Teacher: Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Help! I’m Not a Know-It-All: Strategies for Mentoring Other Teachers
  • Help! My Kid Wants to Go to College! Mastering the Application Process
  • Help! My Kid Is Going to College! Mastering the Financial Aid and Scholarship Application Process

Seasonal Banquets (or retreat themes)

  • Christmas: The Promise of Christmas
  • Finding Joy and Peace at Christmas
  • The Gifts of Christmas
  • Christmas: O, How He Loves You!
  • Christmas: Spreading God’s Love to All You Know
  • Spring: The Honour of Your Presence: Meet the One Who Loves You
  • Spring or Fall: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced and Chaotic World
  • Spring: The Promise of the Cross
  • Spring: Springing into a Season of Purpose
  • Fall: Falling into a Season of Balance
  • Fall: Falling into the Love Relationship that Lasts




  • Women’s retreats
  • Prayer conferences
  • School workshops and trainings
  • Prayerwalk events
  • Banquets
  • Church conferences
  • Writers’ workshops
  • Writers’ conferences
  • Bookstore readings/signingsand library and book-related events

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